A response to the governments review of the 2017 legal aid cuts

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This report explores the significant effects recent funding cuts have had on the local economy

Eradicate Polio by 2025

We are working on disease elimination. Recent breakthroughs in Polio vaccination could see the problem erased by 2025

House of Commons Committee briefing on reform of Judicial Review

This bill would place restrictions on the rights of migrants and asylum seekers entering the UK, including children

Housing, debt and the global economy

The global economy has finally stabalised after the 2008 financial crisis but are we on the brink of a repeat episode?

Maternal mortality rates in level 1 income countries

This publication outlines the top three risks faced by young mothers and the currently available preventative measures

Should we increase public investment in infrastructure or technology?

The UK government needs to make important decisions about the investment of public funds. Here's our take on the priorities for the next 10 years.

The Climate Change Manifesto

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This simple 3-page report explains exactly what individuals can do to combat climate change. Could you implement just 3 of these tips every day?

The way we think about charity is dead wrong

Dan Pallotta unpacks an unexpected issue in the charity sector. Could our fundamental understanding of charities be upside-down?
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